Being a leading IT Hardware solution provider, we offer our clients a wide range of quality products and services.

Computer Peripherals and other Products We deal with all the major brands like DELL, LENOVO, HP, SAMSUNG, L.G, MERCURY, GIGABIYTE, ASUS, INTEL AMD INTEX, FRONTECH IBALL CIRCLE.
Network products brands we deal with - DLINK, CISCO, NETGEAR, QUICKHEAL, HKVISION ,SONY.

Below is the list of the computer peripherals that we deal with

  • Laptops & Netbooks
  • Desktops - All-in-ones Keyboards and mouse
  • Web Cam
  • CD/DVD ROM Drives 
  • Memory Stick
  • Motherboard
  • Sound Cards
  • Speakers
  • TV Tuners
  • LCD & LED Monitor
  • Printers
  • Scanner
  • UPS
  • CCTV camera /DVR installation
  • Audio/video presentation solutions
  • IP Camera Solutions

Repair services Wizcomp are specialized in all kinds of computers types, brands, repair services. Our objective is to develop into a leading computer repair company as well as provide the best services. Our years of experience in services industry and extensive product knowledge enable us to provide the best repair services to all our customers.

Wizcomp also provide the repair services onsite and all issues are resolved by our IT Support Specialists on site within 24 hours of the complaint.

Computer Peripherals Rental Technology is the foundation of every business. For any startup company IT inventory is extensive and we at Wizcomp understand and provide your business with computer, printers scanners, etc on rental.

Software Software we deal with

Quickheal Antivirsus Essential Protection for Your Digital Assets.

  • Built-in safe banking feature secures all your financial transactions on the internet.
  • Parental control protects your kids from inappropriate and malicious websites.
  • Improved PC2Mobile scan feature scans and cleans your Android and Windows smartphone.

Windows-opertaing System
Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software & hardware you already have. This combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7.